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Who we are

The Park City Library is a collective effort by the residents of park city to collect, categorize, and preserve the works of various internet communities.

We find that libraries and archival groups tend to dump most internet content into a large box. While that content is technically preserved, it becomes lost in a sea of noise, to the tides of the feed as newer things come and go.

We're here to take great blog posts, works of art, essays, informative videos, etc. and make sure that they are never lost to the sands of time. Even if this content isn't always up to academic snuff, it's still a fantastic body of culture and information that cannot and should not be lost.

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Last modified 2020-12-01 (YYYY-MM-DD). Always a work in progress.

Note: Park City is not responsible for any advice or actions taken due to the contents of the library.

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