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ADHD Alien comics (Comic series) (External)
Dani Donovan - ADHD Explained Using Comics (Comic series) (External)
InvisibleUp - Why I Procrastinate (Article) (External)
GravisLizard - ADHD: A Lifelong Struggle (Article) (External)
Nicky Case - How to Remember Anything Forever-ish (Interactive Article) (External)
Practical bullet journal tutorial (Article) (External)
baph0meat - How to break down tasks (Comic) (External)
Bonduelle - Apartment hacks masterlist (Article series) (External)


Nicky Case - Adventures with Anxiety! (Visual Novel) (External)
troubledmn - Tough questions with my therapist (Comic) (External)
baph0meat - Depression meals (Comic) (External)
Shan Muprhy - THE CYCLE (Comic) (External)
Bonduelle - Apartment hacks masterlist (Article series) (External)


Asexuality Archive (Website) (External)
Alise Oseman - Wanting and not wanting, at the same time (Comic) (External)


Over Explaining Autistic - ASD Traits checklist (Article) (External)
Steve Asbell - Autism comics (Comic series) (External)
Bonduelle - Apartment hacks masterlist (Article series) (External)
MyAutisticPOV - A Quick Note on Social Skills for Autistic Men, From an Autistic Woman (Article) (External)
Over Explaining Autistic - Meltdowns vs. Anger (Articles) (External)
lavender-sprinkles - Jobs for Overwhelmed Autistics (Article) (External)
Stimtastic - Cheap stim toys for sale (Online store, $) (External)
Stim Toy Box - Reviews of various stim toys (External)

Calming & Mindfulness

TheLatestKate - Mindfulness 102: Handling Negative Emotions (Comic) (External)
shinondraws - Creative Hibernation (Image of short article) (External)

Gender Dysphoria

Trans-femme Voice Resources

Harvard Sentences (External)
Rainbow Passage The Rainbow Passage (External)
/r/transvoice (External)

Trans-masc Resources

FTM Guide (External)

Trans-Positive Art

Drifting in Circles (Visual Novel) (External)
Secret Little Haven (Game, $) (External)
Validation (Comic series) (External)
Venus Envy (Comic series) (External)
Rae the Doe (Comic series) (External)
Anthrotari (Visual Novel) (External)

Self-Discovery Resources

Turn Me Into A Girl! ♥ (Interactive) (External)
PFLAG - Our Trans Loved Ones (PDF) (External)

Plural Systems / Dissociative Identity Disorder

Healthy Multiplicity Resource Index (External)
The Plurality Playbook (External)
More Than One - A Plural 101 (External)
Plural Cafe (mastodon server) (External)
PluralKit (assistive Discord bot) (External)


Kyra Kupetsky - on abusive relationships (Comic) (External)
Sundown Healing Arts - Careful Conflict (Article) (External)
Bonduelle - Apartment hacks masterlist (Article series) (External)
taavot - How sharing your trauma gets bad sometimes (External)
hkasof - "wild", a 3 part short comic about hurt and healing (Comic) (External)
The Bias - How "Good Intent" Undermines Diversity and Inclusion (Article) (External)