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Personal Homepages

Neocities (External)
JAUP: Just Another Useless Page (External)
Piko^2 Hammer (JP) (External)
Emma Essex's Homepage (External)
Asswolf Online (External)
The Cyber Vanguard (External)

Netgroups, Tildes, Pubnixes, etc.

Park City (External)
Park City (Gemini) (External)
Somnolescent (External)
Somnolescent (Gopher) (External)
Suricrasia Online (External)
Tildeverse (External)

Collaborative Fiction

SCP Foundation (External)
Cosmic Voyage (External)
Your World of Text (External)
Square Root of Minus Garfield (External)

Cool Blogs

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (External)
Awful Library Books (External) (External)
v21 (External)


Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash (External)
Waluigi in the Family (the catalyst for all these Waluigi memes) (External)
The Stray Shopping Cart Project (External)
that one 80's logo generator (External)
Eel slap! (External)
Instant Regret Clicking This Playlist (Memes) (External)

Web Games

Cookie Clicker (External)
Universal Paperclips (External)
Doki Doki Headpat Simulator (External)
Mainframe Hacking CYOA (External)
Your World of Text (External)
Manyland (External)
Telehack (External)