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Who are you?

I'm InvisibleUp, although you can just call me Viz. I'm your friendly neighborhood internet ghost. OOOoooOOoo~...

Nah, I'm not into the spooky sort of stuff. I'd like to consider myself a nice, caring person. Above all else I'm determined to help people be the best them that they can be. I'm not about being edgy, or hateful, or demeaning. If you're having a bad day, I hope you can just chill here and read about Sonic or AOL or whatever. A friend of mine once called me "a breath of fresh air", so I'll take that as an invitation to be the spring breeze in your sails.

IRL I'm, unsurprisingly, very much alive and also not bald. In fact, I'm a young woman (with an absurd amount of insanely curly reddish hair) currently in college studying electrical engineering. I'm specifically specializing in embedded device development, and I have experience working on some neat stuff like space satellites and overhauling an entire department's report generation system, among other things.

I'm into retro tech (everything's so much more interesting with constraints), indie games, riding my bike through nature trails, public transportation, and Sonic the Hedgehog. That said I'm always up for trying new things. Who knows? Maybe I'll find a new favorite thing. That's always fun.

What is this site?

Mostly a dumping ground for random thoughts. It's split up into some broad categories.

The Articles section, the earliest one that actually had semi-regular content, is where I try and explain and/or gush about things that interest me or stuff I'm working on. It doesn't get updated super often though, because coming up with content is hard.

Some newer sections (only on HTTP(S) at the moment) are the Hacking Notes, which contain some notes and utilities for modifying older video games, the Projects, which is a list of more substantial stuff I worked on that can stand on their own a little, and the Doodles, which is just where I try to creatively express myself.

Any favorite games/webcomics/whatever?

I'm kinda into video games? I'll play them from time to time, but I absolutely would not call myself a "gamer". I just think the whole medium is neat, what people can do with them, the experiences and emotions they can express and how they use what they have to their advantage. Some games I'm kinda into either right now or in the past are Night in the Woods, deltarune, Tetris Attack, a lot of the Sonic series, and Chrono Trigger.

For movies, my all time favorites have to be Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Forrest Gump, About Time, and Kiki's Delivery Service. I like my plots to have a lot of strong character interaction more so than a flashy grand plot.

My musical tastes are... unorthodox. Honestly, SoundCloud, YouTube, and old video games shaped my music tastes way too much. But in short, the things I like are either earworms with a good bassline (I'm a sucker for 80's J-Pop and 00's alternative) or nice instrumental pieces that really make you experience the music, not just listen to it. (stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Blue Album-era Beatles and Pink Floyd.)

What's with the username?

Surprisingly short story, actually. I was watching a Mario gaming marathon for charity (by the now long-defunct group ExtraLives, headed by MonotoneTim, who is a pretty cool dude), and I needed an username for the chat. I thought "You know what's cool? Those Boo mushrooms from Super Mario Galaxy that turn you invisible." So after a solid 15 seconds of thinking I typed "InvisibleUp" and I stuck with it. (In hindsight I really should have chose something with less syllables.)

And the ghostsona?

I started out for years with a logo that looked vaguely like a ghost from Pac-Man. I really wanted a unique profile pic, so I made one. That being said, a few years later I decided that it kinda sucked. I felt a need to have an actual kind of human face to represent my posts instead of just some weird abstract logo thing. I wanted to have a more personal presence on the 'net than I had let myself have before. So, I came up with Viz, my sona.

I guess you could say she was sort of inspired by Napstablook from Undertale and Vivian from Paper Mario TTYD. I could have just drawn myself as a human, but I wanted to try my hand at designing a character instead. And I've gotta keep up the ghost theme, you know? Also I'm kinda too squirrelly about privacy to use my actual face. (Probably a good thing, to be honest.)